And then separately, researchers have evaluated liver function among people who drink kind of regularly and then stop for a while. He’s a senior scientific adviser at the NIH institute that studies alcohol, and he says the results have been kind of surprising. «It is also worth noting that people who try but don’t make it all the way to the end of the month also report some short-term and medium-term benefits, but these are not as great as those as who stay dry for the whole month,» he adds. There’s an argument that Dry January isn’t worth it if people go back to drinking their normal amounts once it ends – or even drinking more after missing alcohol the previous month.

The sober curious movement — people who are limiting their alcohol consumption — is relatively new. Early research suggests that even taking a short break from booze is good for your health. «The findings of these studies are actually very surprising,» White says. Health risks linked to heavy, long-term drinking are well known, but this is some of the first evidence to help scientists understand how the body responds to even a short break from moderate alcohol use. To help understand how taking a break from alcohol can influence healthy functioning of the liver, researchers in the Netherlands carried out a separate study to document the biochemical effects of one month of alcohol abstinence.

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As we’ve reported, there are a variety of treatments beyond Alcoholics Anonymous, including counseling, medications and support groups to help people who want to end that dependency. This NIAAA guide can help you find a program or approach that’s right for you. The proliferation of craft mocktails made with nonalcoholic distilled spirits is making it easier and more fun for people who abstain from alcohol to feel like they are still part of the party. Irina Gonzalez is the Content Marketing Manager at Tempest, a digital membership program that empowers you to quit drinking and live alcohol-free. She is also a freelance writer covering parenting, recovery, and Latinx culture and the creator of the Pandemic Mama podcast.

While this depends on the amount of alcohol you have had over the years, your liver can see partial healing within two to three weeks, but this will depend on your health history. For most people, participating in month-long challenges will provide a range of benefits and little downside, even over the longer term. Having a friend also take up the challenge can make it a little easier. People trying to quit who have social support are more likely to reduce their drinking. It’s February and many people are starting to put into place their New Year’s resolution to drink less alcohol.

No Amount Of Alcohol Is Good For Your Health, Global Study Says

NIAAA’s Rethinking Drinking can help you assess your drinking habits and provides information to help you cut back or stop drinking. Dry January is a time when people take a break from drinking and examine their relationship with alcohol. There are many potential taking a break from alcohol reasons to take advantage of this time to examine your relationship with alcohol. It may be part of a New Year’s resolution to incorporate healthy behaviors into your routine. You may have overindulged during the holidays, and it affected your sleep and energy.

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Participants in Dry January also describe positive effects on their relationships. The NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator can help you recognize and find high quality treatment for alcohol use disorder. If you drink excessively, seek medical help to plan a safe recovery as sudden abstinence can be life threatening.

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The new year in January holds the potential to shed old baggage and cultivate new habits. For example, the concept of having a dry month (abstaining from alcohol during Dry January) has become more prevalent. “Some conditions might improve right away after the drinking stops—if they’re triggered by alcohol,” Dr. Genebriera says. “Most of the dermatological conditions that are worsened by heavy drinking will slowly normalize over time after cutting out alcohol,” Dr. Genebriera says.

What health benefits can come from taking a break from alcohol during ‘Dry January’? –

What health benefits can come from taking a break from alcohol during ‘Dry January’?.

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“It is also important to notice what happens to your emotions when you stop alcohol use. If you have been using alcohol to manage difficult or uncomfortable emotions or experiences, those emotions will intensify shortly after you quit using. In these cases, it is important to seek professional help to address and resolve those difficulties,” she adds.

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