The intent of all assignments is to help a student use the online tools (so plenty of assistance is available!) and get acclimated to life as an online student. Successful online students readily engage with peers in the learning process and value the opportunity to gain new perspectives when others share viewpoints that differ from your own. Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) was founded in 1838 in Richmond, Virginia.

masters in substance abuse counseling

What is the flexibility of the program?

One of over 600 online programs available at Liberty, the online MA in addiction counseling provides learners with evidence-based counseling training and a 600-hour internship. Substance abuse and behavior disorder counselors (i.e., Addiction Counselors) provide treatment and support to people who suffer from addiction, eating disorders and/or other behavioral problems. A need for highly trained individuals in addiction services is well documented. This master’s in addiction counseling online begins with studies in ethical and legal counseling issues, multicultural counseling, and spirituality and counseling. You’ll also study theories of counseling, psychopathology, family systems, and substance abuse diagnosis and treatment. The University of South Dakota’s master of arts in addiction counseling and prevention explores contemporary and future addiction challenges, co-occurring disorders, and prevention.

What Is an Online Master’s in Substance Use Counseling Degree?

The course is useful for counselors in training on the concepts and skills necessary to understand and lead counseling groups in various settings. The students will explore different theoretical approaches to counseling groups which include basic principles of group dynamics such as leadership tasks, group developmental stages, member roles, and therapeutic factors of group work. Additionally, students will meet for a minimum of 10 clock hours in a small-group activity that is designed to provide direct experiences as a participant in a small group setting in order to prepare counselors in training for personal development. A master’s in substance use counseling prepares you for licensed counselor work and an addiction counselor’s specialized responsibilities. Coursework for this degree typically covers addiction in diverse populations, addictive family counseling, and legal and ethical issues.

Courses in a Substance Abuse Counseling Program

For best results, prospective students should begin asking for letters of recommendation as early as possible. They examine how culture, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, and gender identity affect substance misuse and the perception of and reception to counseling. Take the brief assessment below  to gain more insight into your potential substance abuse counseling as an online learner. The focus in mental health counseling will prepare you to treat the whole person, increasing the likelihood of sustained and happy recovery. Institutional accreditation provides quality assurance to prospective students like you. Organizations recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or the U.S.

Alternatively, applicants must have a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA in an applicable master’s program. From Royal Society and American Academy fellows to Marshall and Barry Goldwater Scholarship recipients, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is home to prestigious students and faculty members. Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists help law offenders in their rehabilitation.

University of South Dakota

masters in substance abuse counseling

Most online master’s in substance abuse counseling programs require 60 credits. In addition, all students in the master’s in addiction counseling program are required to complete the Pre-Practicum and Practicum/Internship. This is an in-person, supervised fieldwork experience that includes counseling-related and direct-contact practicum hours.

masters in substance abuse counseling

One of few programs accredited by NASAC, USD’s addiction counseling offers its students small classes and personalized attention. Forbes Advisor’s education editors are committed to producing unbiased rankings and informative articles covering online colleges, tech bootcamps and career paths. Our ranking methodologies use data from the National Center for Education Statistics, education providers, and reputable educational and professional organizations. An advisory board of educators and other subject matter experts reviews and verifies our content to bring you trustworthy, up-to-date information.

Crown College

With 12 additional credit hours of coursework, this meets the educational requirements for licensure as a Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Provider (LSATP) in Virginia. This online master’s program in counseling blends theoretical knowledge, applied concepts, and clinical research in addiction to fully prepare students to become counselors in substance abuse and recovery. Degree-seekers can choose to enter the counseling program in a full- or part-time format. Participants take foundational and advanced coursework, preparing for the demands of the counseling field.

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