best alcoholic memoirs

For anyone hiding in the shadows of shame, this book is a guiding light. For every parent riddled with guilt, for anyone waking up in the shame cave (again), for every person who has had a messy struggle forward towards redemption… this book is for you. Scandal’s iconic star also gives readers a glimpse at an otherwise private life, exploring everything from her identity as a Black woman and mother to the advocacy she strives for as a public figure. As a public figure, Page was forced to grapple with his gender and sexuality in front of the world, and his book is proof that living authentically is more important than anything else. The personal book also explores Michelle’s identity as a Black woman and how she grappled with her very public role in the Obama presidency. Unsurprisingly, the memoir became the fastest-selling book of 2018.

best alcoholic memoirs

Lifechanging Books on Addiction & Recovery

His writing has appeared in The Guardian, The Independent, New Statesman, the Telegraph and other outlets. Early recovery has the quality of vigorous exercise, as though each repetition of a painful moment… serves to build up emotional muscle. Next you’ve chosen to recommend Tove Ditlevsen’s Dependency, the third book in her Copenhagen Trilogy. It was first published in Danish in the 1970s, but has only recently been translated into English by Tiina Nunnally and Michael Favela Goldman.

best alcoholic memoirs

Finding North: A Journey from Addict to Advocate

Helen ultimately escapes her marriage and pretends to be a widow, earning a living as an artist to care for herself and her young son. The book was so upsetting to her sister Charlotte that, after Anne’s death she passed on the chance to have it reprinted, and the book was neglected for a really long time. Today it is widely considered to be a landmark in early feminist literature, but its frank depictions of addiction within marriage are just as deserving of acclaim. Not just another celebrity memoir, Fisher’s book strikes the ideal balance between gossip-y entertainment and razor-sharp commentary. She looks after her children, enjoys drinks with friends, and is a successful writer. But she recognizes her relationship with alcohol is different than that of the casual-drinking moms in her friend group.

Reframe Your Shame: Experience Freedom from What Holds You Back

Writers approach historical fiction from many different angles, explains the novelist Paul Carlucci—whose new, evocative novel is set in colonial-era Canada. Here, he recommends five of his favourite literary historical novels that manipulate form, character and setting in interesting ways while simultaneously summoning the atmosphere of the past. Well, of course I tried my best to steal from them whatever I could. I very consciously looked to Karr for inspiration in how to write candidly yet lovingly about an imperfect family. I learned a lot from Clegg—or I hope I did—about how to convey the terrifying experience of a runaway binge. I tried to be as brutally unsparing of my faults as both those writers.

best alcoholic memoirs

Although she makes faltering progress in building a simulacrum of grown-up life, her relationship with alcohol—“I had an appetite for drink, a taste for it, a talent”—steadily overtakes everything. By the end of her drinking she is reduced to crouching on a stairwell outside her apartment, glugging whisky with her one-year-old son and failing marriage inside. But even more than how it captures the bleakness of alcoholism, what I most value in this book is how she narrates her recovery with such brutal honesty. This is no joyful, linear skip towards sobriety and redemption. She keeps showing up to 12-step meetings, even when they do nothing for her.

I’m Black and I’m Sober: The Timeless Story of a Woman’s Journey Back to Sanity by Chaney Allen

Instead, he began a love affair with the bottle and barely crawled out, but he did, and we cheer him on at each twist and turn in his journey. 3authors pickedBlackoutas one of their favorite books, and they sharewhy you should read it. New in recovery, a chance encounter with Gray Hawk, a 74-year old Native American, showed her that healing herself would include looking within, taking Steps, and creating a house of healing for other women.This book is that journey.

Powerful Addiction Memoirs that Sober People Love

A new book from journalist Maureen Callahan details the painful end of Mary Richardson Kennedy, who had been married to RFK Jr. Knowing how to prep for surgery can help with the recovery process that follows. American Addiction Centers (AAC) is committed to delivering original, truthful, accurate, unbiased, best alcoholic memoirs and medically current information. We strive to create content that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. If this book resonates with you, be sure to check out Grace’s podcast of the same name, This Naked Mind, where she and guests continue to dissect alcohol’s grasp on our lives and culture.

Granted, books certainly can’t replace treatment and professional guidance. But they can provide fresh perspectives and inspiration—and reinforce that you’re not alone. Admitting you have a problem — not to mention actually getting sober — is no small feat. There’s no award for “Most Sobriety Memoirs Read,” so read them for yourself — let their wisdom be its own award (I can feel your eye rolls. I’m sorry.). It’s understandable to feel alone and like no one can relate to your addiction. Luckily, there’s a whole genre of books that prove you are not the only one who has battled addiction.

Drunkard by Neil Steinberg

best alcoholic memoirs

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